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Originally Posted by Girl
I think that in the end Harry will defeat Voldermort but will also die. I know that this may not be a happy ending but in a way it will be happy foe Harry. If he dies then he will be reunited with his parents and Sirius. Also I don't think that Harry would be happy if he lived. If he lives then Harry would have to live with the fact that he killed someone, which would make him feel guilty and upset (even if he knows that Voldermort was evil). Harry does not seem like the type of person who could kill even if he knows the person is evil.
Also I'm sure that in the next two books other people who Harry cares about will die and Harry will feel like it's his fault.
So in a way with Harry dieing it will be sort of a happy ending, where Harry can at last rest and be with his family at last.
I thought that at first as well: hey, let's have Harry die so he can be reunited with his parents and family. But then I realized that notion might be delving a little too much into spiritual/religious waters. Who's to say that Harry will be reunited with his parents after death? For those who don't believe in an afterlife, Harry's death will mean nothing more than the end of everything and therefore be greatly upsetting and disappointing. And honestly, I'm not sure J.K. is keen on sending out that message. HP just seems to me to be a series where the hero actually survives. But that's not to say other important characters will...

With that being said, I refer back to my original theory:
I'm not expecting a super happy ending, but there's no need for there not to be an uplifting one, and I think that will be the case in HP.

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