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Originally Posted by rotsiepots
I don't care for shipping, so if no-one ended up with anyone, that would be great.

Personally, I think the best possible ending is one that involves no loose ends. I don't want to be continuing to discuss aspects of the books for eternity; I'd rather JKR wrapped everything up nicely, explained everything we wanted to know and left it at that.
Yes, I could deal with some unfortunate deaths, a few marriages, a few people not quite being able to adjust to life after the war (*hem, hem, Harry*). But I want EVERY speculation on the COS forums answered when this is all done. We've made JKR the bloody richest woman in Britain and she's not done till she has answered every darned post here and given a personal review to every single fanfic!!!!!!!!! I don't think that's too much to ask for the galleons we've lined her vault with, eh?

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