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Chapter Four : Part one

A/N: I just realised I hadn't posted in a while, so here it is, if only it's half. Please post feedback!

Chapter Four: Part One

Elizabeth looked down and carefully examined the floor, “I’m going to Hogwarts, Remus. At least after I pick up a few books from Florish & Blotts. I’m going to get my office set up. Besides I-I have a few boxes to look through,” when she looked up, she noticed Remus looking tired.

He sighed, “Liz, we can’t do it alone.”

She gave a half-groan and said stubbornly, “I can.”

He smiled at her faintly, “You may, although I doubt it, Liz. But we can’t.”

“Who is we?” she asked, emphasizing ‘is’.

“Me and-”

“Better not be me.”

“Oh, it isn’t. But of course, he’s managing better than I had hoped. Or at least he’s pretending to. But his friends must be helping him. At least with Sirius.”

She understood and looked back down and whispered, “I’m not ready. Sorry, I’m just... not.”

“That’s okay, but eventually he’ll find out who you are, or he’ll have an idea. He seems to have that talent.”

“I’ll tell him Remus, and I’ll tell him as soon as I can. But I have to adjust, Remus. I have to. I can’t do anything like this before I do. You should know that,” she said, seriously, emphasizing each work slowly.

“I do Liz, but really, he needs someone.”

“Why not you?”

Remus shrugged and gave her a sad smile, “Because it’s your obligation. If not to Harry, then to James. And if not to James, then to Lily.”

She stared at him as though he grew a second head.

“Honestly Liz, they wouldn’t have wanted either of you to stay alone.”

“I’m not alone, and neither is he.”

“Technically, you are.”

“But, technically, we aren’t.”

“You’re being difficult.”

“I know I am,” she replied calmly.

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