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Chapter Five: WWW and Diagon Alley

The cobblestone street, with all of the shops on either side, the people jostling to get to their destinations, the talking, the laughter, all brought Eliza out of her memories. She made a beeline for Gringotts, for her vault still held her gold, and the amount she had was not going to be enough for her books and her other shopping.

She passed Flourish & Blotts, cauldron stores, the apothecaries, the ice cream shops, the quidditch shops, the menageries, what looked to be a joke shop called Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, the robe shops, Ollivanders, and several other places, as she glanced at each of them and noted where she was going to stop at.

Once she got to the white marble building of Gringotts, she stopped a goblin to take her to her vault. Through the wild ride she went, and stopped at her vault, which the goblin unlocked. Through the gloom, she peered in, and gathered a bag full, which she stuck in her pocket. And with a parting glance, she got in to the cart, and enjoyed the ride back up.

Squinting through the sunlight, she quickly found a robe shop. She got three robes, as her robes were rivaling Remus’s in condition. Next she stopped at the joke shop she had earlier spied. She had shared her brother’s love of pranks and had been in the other joke shop she had seen, but had never seen this one in her life, so decided to stop in.

The joke shop had a few people in it, two red-haired young men who were identical to each other, one behind the counter and one roaming among the customers with a grin on his face; a red haired girl, about fifteen years of age, apparently their sister, was helping them; a red haired women over seeing the customers; and a father and his daughter looking at a package labeled “Canary Creams; two sixteen year old boys, one black and the other sandy haired gathering up packages under a signed labeled “Skiving Snack boxes” and a rather round-faced sixteen year old boy talking to the fifteen-year old girl helping her brothers.

As Elizabeth closed the door behind her, a bell tinkered, and the twin that was roaming around turned to her, grinning, saying, “Welcome to the Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes! I’m Fred!”

Elizabeth smiled back and said, “Thanks,” and looked at the nearest packages to her.

They were fireworks, and it said on the sign slightly beneath them that they could last for several weeks, even months, unless properly stopped, but that they would multiply when being hexed. She picked up a package and examined it. She turned to Fred, and said, “Do these truly work?”

But, it was the sixteen year old boy, talking to the girl, who answered, “Do they ever! They used them to drive out last Defense Against the Dark Arts out!”

Elizabeth stared. “Just the fireworks drove her out?”

The boy shook his head, “No, but that was just one of the things. She was driven out by centaurs, the poltergeist, the twins,” he gestured to Fred and his brother behind the counter, “and their pranks.”

She raised an eyebrow at Fred, who said, “She was trying to take over Hogwarts and we had to act!”

Elizabeth grinned at him and said, “Well, if these work the way that they’re supposed too, I wish my brother and his friends could have seen this.”

“Who’s your brother? And why can’t he see this?” piped up the girl.

Elizabeth sighed, “He’s dead.”

Fred looked at her sadly, “I’m sorry.”

Eliza smiled sadly, “You didn’t kill him. Unless your Voldemort, you didn’t kill him.”

Fred winced and Elizabeth gave him a look.

She began to wander some more, and came face to face with the woman.

“Hello, I’m Molly Weasley.”

“Hi! I’m... I’m Elizabeth.”

Molly gave her an odd look and smiled, “I’m Fred, George and Ginny’s mum.”

Elizabeth nodded, “Apparently they like to cause trouble.”

She laughed, “They do.”

Elizabeth picked up one of the sheets of parchment, which apparently was bewitched so that the person writing on it’s ink would not ever dry and would smear. Then the names of these people registered.

“You know Remus, don’t you?”

Molly looked startled. “Yes.”

“Well, did he say he had to meet an Elizabeth today?”

“Actually, yes, he did.”

“I’m her.”

“Oh! Welcome home, then!”


“You’re welcome. Are you coming with them?”

“No, I’m going straight to Hogwarts tomorrow.”

“Are you? Well, that’s nice. Good luck. I mean, the Defense teachers never last long.”

“Thank you, I’m sure I’ll need it.”

Molly smiled, and said, “Are you stocking up so you can fight the students back?”

“No, I’m stocking up for defense. The need for pranks runs in the family.”

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