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Chapter Six: The Hogwarts Headmaster

Molly smiled slightly at this proclamation, “Does it?”

“Yes, it does.” Elizabeth’s hazel eyes were dancing.

“Well, then I won’t question that.”

“You best not, I mean, you never know when a pocket full of jokes and pranks will save your life,” she said solemnly.

“Truly?” asked Molly, suddenly looking startled.

“Ask your children.”

Molly stared at Eliza for a long time before she turned and called Fred to her. She replayed what Elizabeth had said to her, and asked what she had told her too.

“So, is it true?”

“Mum, what’s gotten into you? You’re acting... odd.”

Molly sighed, and said looking at Elizabeth and Fred, “Yes, I know. It’s just... all that’s going on, I’m allowed to be worried.”

Elizabeth left the shop ten minutes later with a sack full of jokes and a grin on her face. Neville, the boy who had been talking to the girl called Ginny, had accidentally set of a package of firecrackers. How he had managed that feat was beyond Elizabeth.

Elizabeth’s next stop was Flourish & Blotts, where she picked up the books she would need.

After that, she went back into the Leaky Cauldron and collapsed on the bed, tired, but full of thought.

It took her over an hour and a half to fall asleep, as she was thinking of all that had happened that day, starting from when she dragged the trunks into the fire, ending with her watching one of her future students accidentally set of a group of firecrackers.

The next morning she woke up at eight. It was later than she usually did, but not too late. As she dragged her self out of bed, there was a knock on the door. When Elizabeth got to the door, Tom gave her a tray of tea and toast and a grin.

Elizabeth set the tray on her bedside table and took a piece of toast off the plate. As she ate it, she walked to the window and stared out, into muggle London.

After she had finished eating, she put on one of her new robes and put away her old, worn one, and put her shopping into the emptier of the two trunks. She levitated one, and dragged the other down, out of her room and down the stairs. She checked out with Tom, and dragged the trunks back to the fire.

“Will you need any help, Miss Potter?” he inquired softly.

“No, thank you Tom. I managed to get these half way across the world, nearly, I can get these to Hogwarts.”

“Very well, Miss Elizabeth, stay safe.”

“You too, Tom. You too,” she took a pinch of the floo powder out of a small pouch in her pocket, and whispered, “Staff Room, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.” She stepped into the fire and was gone.

When she got out of the fire, she dragged her trunks out and dusted herself off quickly. The ash came off freely. She straightened up and gazed around the room. She was alone, so she left the trunks by the fire, and opened the door and stepped out.

“Well, well, well,” said one of the statues, peering at her.

“Where have you come from?” asked the other.

“A place you will never go,” said Elizabeth, slightly annoyed.

“Ah, you’re probably right. They won’t let us leave. We’ve been here for about 976 years.”

“Is that when this was built?” she asked excitedly.

“Oh, no! We replaced these two dimwits who let in a large group of rowdy students.”

“Oh. Well, I’d better go. Goodbye,” and with that she walked down the corridor. Those statues were rather odd, she realized. They seemed rather bad tempered to a point, but bored also. She had encountered them once in her third year, but they had been arguing so much that they barely noticed her.

When she got to the gargoyle blocking the headmasters office. She stared at it for a moment and then looked down the corridor one way, then the other. Standing there, was Dumbledore.

“Professor!” she gasped in surprise.
“Hello Elizabeth, I presume your trip was fine?” Dumbledore asked smiling. He turned to the statue and said calmly, “Chocolate Frogs.”

As the gargoyle jumped to the side, revealing a moving spiral staircase he said, “I was going to do one of the Weasley’s creations, but I’ll wait until next year. They’re so new, and just causing a ruckus, it’s best not to remind anyone just yet,” he winked at her as the stepped on to the stairs. They were spun slowly until they reached the door.

They went into the office. Dumbledore sat behind the desk and gestured to a chair, “Please sit, Elizabeth.”

She met his eyes as she sat down.

He looked at her carefully for a moment, in one of those penetrating stares Elizabeth had gone through several times.

“Well, I see your taking this job,” said Dumbledore.

“What choice did I have? I promised I would.”

“Yes, but the conditions you gave were rather...different.”

Elizabeth met his eyes and said, calmly, “Remus promised he would teach as soon as the danger became more clear, that the Dark was growing stronger. Alastor Moody promised he would teach after Remus did, and after the signs that the Dark was about to rise to power. I promised I would teach after they did. I also set the condition that you had to have a year when the ministry had to send you a teacher first. I preferred to clean up their mess than not.”

“You always preferred to prove the ministry wrong,” observed Dumbledore.

“I did and I had reason to.”

“Well, now we’ve established that, next order of business. Your cat.”

“My cat?” Elizabeth stared at him for a moment, the realized, “Oh! My cat!”

“Yes. Your cat had kittens shortly after you left, after the caretaker’s cat died.”

Elizabeth grinned, “Miss Petulina died?! Wonderful!”

Dumbledore raised an eyebrow at her. She blushed, “I-I mean, how sad.”

“Well, Mrs. Figg gave him one of the kittens, who he named Mrs. Norris.”

“Did he? He always had a weird sense in names for kittens.”

“That would be a matter of opinion,” said Dumbledore sternly, “But, never-mind. Mrs. Figg has become quite attached to your cat, but will be willing to give you a kitten of one of her other cats.”

Elizabeth nodded, “I might as well.”

“Good, I’ll send her an owl, letting her know, so she can bring the kitten up to Hogsmeade.”

“Next order, your name.”

Elizabeth looked up in surprise, “What about my name?”

“Elizabeth, you know as well as I do, that you can’t go around as Professor Potter.”

She raised an eyebrow, “And why not?”

“You can’t because Mr. Potter is unaware of your existence and he would be rather shocked to hear of you in such a way. Also, you know the gossip it would cause.”

“Gossip? That’s why you don’t want me to use my real name?”

“No, not just that. It’s also that, the Death Eaters and Voldemort would be rather interested to know that Elizabeth Potter is back in Hogwarts. You’d be used as a lure for Harry, and you’re wanted for other reasons besides you know of what I speak.”

Elizabeth looked at the desk, remembering all that he was talking about. “Who should I go as? By what name, I mean.”

“Your mother’s maiden name. Smythe.”


“Yes, Smythe. Will that be okay?”

“I would prefer... yes. That would be fine.”

“Also, only Professors McGonagol, Flitwick, and Sprout know who you really are. Hagrid knows also. I would prefer if you told Severus Snape yourself.”

“Snape?” Elizabeth stared at him in surprise.

“Yes. He needs to hear it from you.”

“All right. Anything else Professor?”

“No, Elizabeth, you may go if you wish.”

And she did.

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