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Chapter Seven: Memories

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Elizabeth went straight to the staff room, where she saw that her things were no longer there, so she went to check to see if they were in her quarters, which they were. She began to unpack, which she had already reckoned would be a long process, and as she hadn’t gone through one of her trunks in years, five, actually, when she had gone in quickly to pull something out and put it back in, it was likely to be rather memory provoking. She started with her smallest trunk, which was very quick and rather easy to go through as she had just packed it yesterday.

It was mostly robes and things that she put away rather quickly. Then she turned to her other trunk and glared at it. This would take a while.

She knelt down by it and lifted it up onto the bed. After she had down that, she unlocked the trunk and undid the buckles and clips. Then, she opened it. Most of the things were wrapped with brown paper, which had her handwriting scrawled on it. She picked up the small round package on the top, and opened it. It was a rememberall that James had given to her before she had left, when she was running around thinking she had forgotten half of her things.

Next was a large envelope filled with parchment. Letters. Tons of them. She pulled one out. It had Lily’s handwriting, and it was dated the thirtieth of October. She unfolded it carefully, and read:

Dear Liza,
I’m glad to hear you found a place to stay so quickly. After you left, James was pacing back and forth and wouldn’t relax for about an hour. He kept muttering something about how he shouldn’t have made you leave, but then he would say how glad he was you were gone. He was rather relieved to find that you were just fine. I hate to say it, Liz, but you have an over-protective brother. Stay safe, don’t let the muggles mug you (that’s from James, in case you can’t tell), and gah (from your nephew, who keeps repeating that).
With love,
Lily & James

Elizabeth smiled despite of herself. She remembered receiving that and laughing, but getting another letter and day later telling her that they were dead. Eliza swallowed and slid the letter back into the over filled envelope, when another short note slid out. She glared at it, but then picked it up and unfolded it.

It said:
Dear Elizabeth,
Lily and James are dead! Sirius has obviously turned on us and I can’t find Peter! If he’s done anything stupid.... I’m sorry Elizabeth, can’t write much more, Dumbledore’s just come to get me and I’d prefer to post this before I go, just in case.

It was hurriedly written with blotches of ink all over. There was what looked like spilled ink on one corner.

Elizabeth slid that back into the envelope with it’s partners, determinedly not thinking of what had gone on when she had received this letter, but it didn’t work to well. She had stared at the letter, leaped up, and run to the fireplace pulling her cloak along with her, when she had gotten a letter from Dumbledore telling her to stay there until further notice, where she had nearly lost it.

Elizabeth quickly conjured a small wooden box and placed the envelope in it, closed the box and set it on a shelf.

She turned to the trunk and pulled out a messily rewrapped package. Eliza carefully unwrapped it and revealed a photo album and a box of photos. She grinned slightly to herself. She had gotten these out about five years ago, answering a plea for letters from a certain Hagrid. She opened the photo album and found a display of baby pictures of her, and of James. She flipped through the earlier pictures, as she had no recollection of these, there wasn’t really any pain along with them until she flipped to a page with her brother, James having his hand on her shoulder as she smiled shyly at the camera. They had been close, especially when they were young. When they got to Hogwarts, they were distanced a little more, but not too much.

She closed the book and set it on the shelf, with the box of pictures on top of the box of letters.

She found a gift from James she had gotten when she was fifteen, a book titled, “Everything You Had to Learn for School, but Never Wanted to Know. Sixty million utterly useless facts never needed in real life.”

She laughed softly, and placed this on the shelf. She continued, stopped only a few times by her memories, but she finally finished.

As she was putting her trunk away, there was a knock on the door. She went over and opened it to see a long nosed, greasy haired, sallow skinned man.

“Who are you?” he demanded.

“Snape?!” she asked in surprise.

“Are you really?!” he asked in horror.

“You’re Severus Snape!”

“Yes, I am. And I don’t feel like talking to a relative, so good bye,” Severus Snape shut the door, looking bewildered.

Elizabeth stared at the door, trying to figure out what happened. Then she realized, “Oh, come back here!” she shouted out the door.

The man glared over his shoulder, but came anyway.

“I am not a Snape. I was asking if you were. Honestly, your people skills are obviously limited!” she exclaimed in disgust.

“Well, you don’t see me throwing people out Miss....”

“Professor,” she corrected sharply.

“Fine, Professor who then?”

“I’m Professor Smythe.”

“You’re the one he took on for this job instead of me?” he asked coldly.

“I am. Anything wrong with that?”

“Perhaps. Do you have a first name?”

“Yes I do. Why, are you suddenly Hogwarts high inquisitor?” she snapped.

“No, that was Umbridge,” he said raising an eyebrow coldly.

“Really? Hogwarts had an inquisitor? I thought I was just making that up,” she said thoughtfully.

“Yes, where have you been?” he said staring at her.

“A different country, for several years.”

He nodded, and then said, “You’re not a Smythe, are you?”

She stared, “I beg your pardon?”

He studied her carefully for a moment, “Dumbledore told me you weren’t who you are going by, on his orders. So who are you?”

“Elizabeth, and must I tell you the last name, Mr. Snivellus?” she asked calmly.

He gaped, “Potter?” he asked when he was finally able to speak.

“Yes, that would be me. Any problems?” she asked, sweetly.

He looked at her carefully, “I don’t suppose.”

“Good, then. I’ll see you later, Professor Severus Snape.”

“Unless I see you first,” he muttered.

She smiled sweetly. He glowered.

As Elizabeth closed the door, she smirked. Snape had always disliked her, just for the fact her brother was James Potter. But they had ended up in a spot of trouble, about sixteen, seventeen years ago, together, during which they had nearly been killed, but even though they had been forced to not fight for a while, they had been glad to resume their rivalry immediately after the incident.

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