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Chapter Eight: Part one: 12 Grimmauld Place

The next weeks flew by quickly. She alerted Professor McGonagol on what books she wanted for her students, and she began her lesson planning. She organized her office and quarters and took care of her classroom. She wandered the hallways, lost in thought and memories. She met Remus in Hogsmeade once and spoke with him for a long period of time.

On September the first, Professor Dumbledore alerted her that he would want her at the Order meeting that day, which started at ten-thirty. Elizabeth had nodded and said that that would be fine with her, but fifteen minutes later, she was pacing her office, half scared to death. She may have to meet Harry, and a confrontation was too soon, especially now. Of course, she would only have about fifteen minutes if she were to talk to him, and those would be in the Order meeting. Still.... she paced quicker.

She prepared for the trip and eventually stepped into a fire as she said, “Number Twelve, Grimmauld’s Place!”

It was ten fifteen. She was a bit early, but she had wanted to get the arrival over.

A red headed boy of about sixteen ran into the kitchen yelling “Mum!”

Elizabeth turned to face him, and she watched the utter surprise register on his face.

“You’re.... Who are you?”

Elizabeth raised a calm eyebrow and said, “I’m Professor Smythe.”

The boy stared at her, “Oh,” he said quietly.

Liza smiled slightly, “Yes, and you are?”

The boy blinked, “Ron Weasley.”

“Pleasant to meet you, Ron.”

The boy nodded and glanced toward the door and back at her.

“You can go find your Mum,” Elizabeth told him.

“Err... Goodbye, then.”

When Ron had left, Elizabeth looked around the kitchen. It was the way Sirius had described it. Exactly. She sighed and left the kitchen, looking around. She got to the dining room next, where a black and messy-haired boy sat, talking with Remus.

Elizabeth swallowed and stepped out of the shadows as Ginny walked into the room. She saw Elizabeth first and smiled at her. Remus and the boy turned to look at her when they noticed this.

“Morning, Liz!” Remus said in surprise, checking his watch, “Your early!”

Despite her conscious awareness that the boy was looking at her curiously, Elizabeth smiled, and nodded, “I had everything all set up for tomorrow, and I was rather.... restless so I came here early. Do you mind?”

Remus smiled at her response, “No, I don’t as a matter of fact. This is Ginny.” He gestured to her as he spoke.

Elizabeth smiled at Ginny, saying, “We’ve met.”

Remus nodded thoughtfully, “You have, haven’t you. Ah, well. This is Harry. Harry Potter,” he gestured to Harry.

“Good to meet you, Harry,” Elizabeth smiled, feeling nervous, “I’m Professor Smythe, I’m going to be your Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher this year.”

She could feel Remus’s stare and she turned her head slightly to look at him. She raised an eyebrow at him and he sighed and looked back at Harry, who was looking slightly startled. Elizabeth suddenly realized why. He wasn’t used to people he never met to act as if he were simply normal, not famous at all. She smiled reassuringly at, or at least she tried to, but she wasn’t so sure that it worked out right.

“He should to quite well in your class, Liz, he’s quite talented, like his parents,” Remus was saying, smiling at Harry as well.

Harry colored slightly and studied the ground, glancing at her.

Elizabeth studied him for a moment before answering. He met her eyes once more as she did this. She noted James’s black messy hair, the she also possess. She ignored his scar. His face was thin, like James and hers, but it was a bit thinner, due probably from lack of food. He didn’t have James’s nose, but a nose which was a bit like Lily’s father’s had been. His eyes were a replica of Lily’s, only sadder. They weren’t his father’s and her’s at all. He was as tall as his father had been. She noted that he didn’t hold himself with the confidence James had held his with, and took that as a good thing, as her brother’s over-confidence had been very annoying at times. Even so, he looked so much like his father it hurt, and she looked away, trying not to let tears come.

She looked back at Remus who looked back at her evenly. She checked her watch. 10. 28.

She cleared her throat, swallowing the beginning of a lump there, “Remus, the meeting will be starting real soon.”

Remus gave her a slightly disappointed look, “Well, if you wish. Good-bye Harry, ‘bye Ginny. Stay safe.”

Elizabeth nodded, smiling at the two before her, “I’ll see you at the feast I expect. Good-bye.”

“Good-bye,” the duo answered, echoing.

Elizabeth followed Remus to the next room, “Chicken, chicken, chicken,” he whispered, “We’ll be having the meeting in here.”

Elizabeth did one of the more juvenile things she had done in the past year, she stuck out her tongue and rolled her eyes.

Remus sighed when he spied this, “Come, my little friend, do not despair.” They walked through the doors between, and Liza glanced at the two behind them, they were looking surprised and amused at Liza’s childish behavior.

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