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Part Two

A/N: Sorry about the long time since my last posting. Please post feed back!

As they joined the others in the Order, Liza looked around at the group before them. Molly Weasley was hustling out a girl with bushy brown hair, and Ron. When they passed her, she whispered, “Welcome, I’ve got to take them to the station, but I’ll be back shortly.”

The meeting was brought to order, and a few members gave updates on their work for the order. Elizabeth didn’t exactly understand much as she hadn’t been to any Order meetings for fifteen years.

Tonks grinned at her from across the table. Snape was down near the end, and when Eliza glanced at him, he met her eyes and glowered. Remus was sitting next to her.

A woman across from Snape look suspiciously at Elizabeth, and when she finally spoke up said, “Who’s that ?”

Professor McGonagol spoke up quickly, “Elizabeth is going to be teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts. She was a member of the Order during the last war.”

“Was she? I don’t recognize her from the photograph that Alastor passed around last summer,” the woman said disbelievingly.

“She was already sent out of the country when that photograph was taken.”

“Was she? Well, then, carry on,” the woman waved dismissively.

The meeting was short, and rather empty feeling for Elizabeth. The last Order meeting had been like this, a bit subdued, yet there had been joking around from her brother and Remus and Sirius. Peter had been noticeably absent. Lily had let Elizabeth hold Harry, who had chattered unconcernedly and incomprehensibly.
As the meeting cleared out, the suspicious lady approached Elizabeth.

“Well, Elizabeth, will you be coming to the future meetings?” she asked stiffly.

Eliza’s answer was just as stiff in return, not that she had any grudge against this woman, but someone who speaks stiffly does not usually react well to normal talking, from her experience.

“Yes, I believe I will be,” Elizabeth nodded, and followed Minerva out of the room.

Remus sighed, “Well, I’m not sure why Dumbledore thought it was important for you to come to this meeting, of all of them.”

“I suppose he was trying to get me back to the meetings. I think he chose today in hope of a family reunion.”

Remus glanced at her, “You know, Liza, that’s not a bad idea.”

She rolled her eyes at him, “Time Remus, that’s all I want. Time.”

Remus laughed, “Good luck keeping him from finding out. Or one of his friends. Hermione Granger, you know, the girl with Molly when we got into the order meeting? Well, she found out I was a werewolf. She’s bound to find out something about you. Especially if you prove to be a mysterious character.”

Elizabeth spun around and looked at him sharply, “And do you consider yourself a mysterious character.”

Remus smiled, “No, Liza, I don’t, but she did, apparently.”

Elizabeth groaned and looked out the window.

“You do know, you can’t wait forever.”

“I wasn’t planning on it.”


Professor McGonagol picked up her cloak, “Elizabeth, we need to head back to Hogwarts. The students will be there shortly.”

With a jolt in her stomach, Elizabeth picked up her own cloak. Remus grinned and said softly, “Good luck,” as he hugged her.

Good luck with everything, Elizabeth knew that it meant. And she knew, she’d need it.

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