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A/N: Here's an update!
Chapter ten

Elizabeth watched as the students flooded into the Great Hall from her seat at the Staff Table.

Professor Sinistra looked at her carefully, “Nervous, are you?”

Eliza jumped and glanced at her, “A little,” she admitted.

She nodded, “I was too,” she said tiredly, “But, I was okay, and I’m sure you will be fine, even past difficulties.”

Elizabeth grinned at her colleague, who smiled in return.

Elizabeth looked over the bustling crowd. As student found their seats, Eliza found herself reminiscing over her past. She would always sit near her brothers and their friends, along with hers, especially Alice. Lily and her friends were always on their other side, close to them, but not so to the marauders. She remembered when James had dropped a bucket of paint over Lily’s head one year on accident. Lily had gotten extremely mad, and James had been extremely embarrassed, and everyone else couldn’t stop laughing.

As Elizabeth smiled at the memory, her eyes fell on a small group of Gryffindors she recognized. There was Harry, silent and drawn looking, while Ron Weasley and the brown haired girl. Ginny sat with them, as did Neville.

Neville looked up and met her eyes, apparently feeling her gaze. Elizabeth was suddenly struck by how familiar he looked. How much he looked like Alice. Of course, she thought, he must be her son. Poor boy, his mother in St. Mungos, along with his father.

Elizabeth gave him a small smile. Neville returned it. Just at that moment, the doors banged open, and the hall fell silent. Minerva led a group of anxious looking first years down the middle of the hall, toward the hat on the stool.

The Hat opened it’s rip-like mouth and began to sing.

Elizabeth didn’t noticed the song as she studied the group. No one too familiar, she thought, but maybe the names. She dwelled on this thought, and the noticed that the hat was singing:

“ And having that all said and done,
Let the sorting begin!”
Minerva unrolled her scroll and gave out the first name, “Archenbald, Claidissa!”

Claidissa stepped forward. She was a pretty girl, with long black hair and golden skin, as she sat on the stool, she studied her hands, until the hat blocked her view of them. Silence, then, “GRYFFINDOR!”

Gryffindor table erupted, all cheers and clapping. Claidissa looked immensely surprised as she leaped up and ran to the table, a smile on her face.

“One,” Elizabeth whispered, out of habit..

She counted every student sorted until she got to six. When she reached this number, she stilled and tensed up. Nothing. Then she realized she had taken up her old habit, that was no longer needed here. On the sixth student being sorted, her brother, his friends, and her would usually cause some sort of mayhem. But this year, it was just her, and there was no reason for her to do something. In her last year, James had whispered to her to set off the certain fireworks he gave her, but this year, all that happened was the sorting hat cried, “SLYTHERIN.” Elizabeth felt that something had to happen, so with her wand under the table, she conjured a large fireworks and set it to explode in the middle of the hall with out any trace of its origin. It did so, and a shower of green sparks rained down on the students and staff.

Professor McGonagol searched the hall. Ginny, Neville, Ron, Harry, and the girl, all exchanged amused glances. Minerva caught them at it, and she began to yell at them, in the middle of the hall about their lack of “decorum”. Elizabeth decided that they shouldn’t be in trouble, and the fireworks hadn’t been enough, so she shot up another one. As purple sparks rained down on them, Snipe raised an eyebrow at her, and shook his head. She heard him mutter, “Once a Potter, always a Potter.” Elizabeth gave him a sweet smile. He glowered at her.

Confused, and rather angry, Professor McGonagol continued the sorting. As she did, Elizabeth thought.

Well, the fireworks had been her way of.... honoring, perhaps, James and Sirius. It had just seemed like, to her, to continue the tradition had been natural. And of course, she had a sort of habit to make complete mayhem and mischief where ever she went. She had gotten that habit off of her brother.

Dumbledore stood up at the end of the sorting, “I believe that we have waited long enough for this feast, so let it begin!”

The food was marvelous. As the food appeared, and the noise level shot up, Elizabeth put the things nearest her on her plate. Mash potatoes, steak, and stew, gravy. All was delicious, and gone much to soon. Dessert was the same. Elizabeth let tarts and ice cream round our her meal. At the end of the feast, Dumbledore stood up, and beamed to the students, “How wonderful it is to see you all here, once more, or, in some cases, for the first time. Another year awaits us. Our new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher is Professor Smythe.” The staff began to clap, and the students halfheartedly joined in. Elizabeth looked around the Great Hall during this. She noticed that everyone was eying her suspiciously. She didn’t exactly mind, as she had a feeling that her position was filled and refilled so often, no one really cared anymore.

“The forest is off limits to everyone,” said Professor Dumbledore rather sternly, “A few older students should be reminded of this,” he looked pointedly in the direction of Harry and his friends. Elizabeth grinned at that. There were a few other announcements, but nothing really important. He dismissed the students. As the students filed out, Snape yawned.

“Well that was a waste of time,” he muttered.

She looked at him sternly, “School functions are important,” she said despite her own lack of confidence on that subject, “and it’s best you participate.” Snape rolled his eyes.

When Elizabeth headed down to her office, she noticed a dark figure following her. She turned around, and called to Snape, “Is there some reason you’re following me?”

He glowered. “I’m just making sure you don’t get lost. It’s dangerous to walk these halls at night.”

“Oh, ha.” She said sarcastically, “Like you’d care if I got eaten by a snake or something.”

Snape studied her, “Well, no, I wouldn’t, really,” he admitted, “But, I must point out that Potter and his friends do wander around at night, and despite how likely you are to favor them...”

“Try me.”

Snape grinned at that, “Just to warn you, they have Potter’s father’s cloak, and all, so be careful.”

She caught what he was going at, “Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.”

Snape nodded, and turned around and left. Just then she noticed a red haired girl hurrying in the direction of Gryffindor Tower.

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