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A/N: Sorry that I didn't get to post as soon as I'd hoped. A few things came up, but here it is! Please post Feedback!

Chapter Twelve

The room fell silent as she stepped in, and there was a flurry of motion in a few places as the students took their seats.

Elizabeth walked to the front of the class and picked up the scroll of parchment on her desk and began attendance:

“Hannah Abbott
Susan Bones
Terry Boot
Mandy Bruckherst
Justin Finch-Fletchley
Seamus Finnegan
Hermione Granger
Neville Longbottom
Ernie Macmillan
Draco Malfoy
Orion Nott
Harry Potter
Dean Thomas
Lisa Turpin
Ron Weasley,” She called attendance without a pause or a blink, surprising enough. Many of the students had parents she had gone to school with, or knew, and many were spitting images. The count was per each house: 2 Slytherin, 4 Hufflepuff, 3 Ravenclaws, and 6 Gryffindors.

Then she looked up to the class. All of them were looking at her suspiciously, sitting at their desks, there wands out, and books on their desks, all watching her, as though they were waiting for her to make the first move so they could see if they should attack her or no.

She opened her mouth to speak and began, “W-” but as soon as her mouth began to form the first word, she was cut off abruptly.

“Who are you?” asked Malfoy looking curious.

“I’m Professor Smythe,” she said, startled.

“I’ve heard the last of your family died five years ago. The ones with the name of Smythe, anyway.”

Elizabeth was surprised, his questions were far to close to the mark already for her liking, and she was about to continue what she was going to say when he cut her off again.

“How pure is your blood?”

Elizabeth gaped, “You do know that it’s impolite to interrupt adults when they’re talking, Mr. Malfoy? I doubt your father, Lucius, would approve. Now, this year we will be study-”

Malfoy spoke up again, “How do you know my father?”

Elizabeth raised an eyebrow, “Mr. Malfoy, that would be fifteen points from Slytherin for interrupting me three times. Do it again, and I believe you will have a detention. This year, we will be studying the things you should have studied last year and some more complex spells than you’ve studied yet. I understand that last year, you didn’t have much actual teaching of Defense Against the Dark Arts. Correct?”

There was a general murmur of agreement around the class. Malfoy took her pause for breath as an advantage, “My father doesn’t know any living Smythes.”

Elizabeth was getting irritable, “Well, who said I’m living? Mr. Malfoy, I’d advise you to keep your nose out of places it shouldn’t be. It will get bitten of one of these days, or worse.”

A few students laughed, and Eliza continued her speech, mentally kicking herself for letting her student get the better of her, “Because of the lack of training you got last year of all years, this year will be doubly important to be paying attention in class, especially because of Lord Voldemort’s returning last year,” there were a few gasps and flinches from her students at that, “I understand that you went over the Unforgivables in fourth year?” Murmurs of agreement reached her ears, “Excellent. We’ll be going over them again this year, just to refresh your memories. You’ve seen them, so I don’t need to show them to you again. Please read the section in your books on page 82 to 86 and write a summary of it for class. It will be going over the Unforgivables, but we need to discuss them right now,” Elizabeth swallowed and eyed the class.

“Some people know about certain curses more than others, due to their witnessing of them and some from the fact that they’ve been victims. Now, who, out side of class, have witnessed the Cruciatus curse?”

An uncomfortable silence fell, then Harry, Neville, Justin, and Nott raised their hands.

Elizabeth nodded, “Have any been victims of it?”

Neville, Harry, and Nott raised their hands.

Elizabeth sighed, “Who, outside of class have witnessed the Imperious curse being cast?”

Malfoy and Lisa raised their hands.

“Outside of class, who have been victims of that?”

Reluctantly, Harry and Malfoy raised their hands.

Elizabeth bit her lip in slight surprise, “Who have seen, out side of class, the Killing curse?”

Silence. Then Harry raised his hand.

Elizabeth nodded, and didn’t ask who had been victims of it, so she continued, “As you see, some of you have experienced more with these spell than others. As dangerous as these Curses are, they can be over come. Overcoming the Killing curse less likely than,” she paused to think, then smiled slightly, adding a touch of humor to a serious subject, said, “Professor Snape willingly doing the hula in the Great Hall tonight, with out any bribes or anything.”

Soft laughter greeted this, then the humor died away. A bell rang as distance away.

“The summary will be due next week, at least six inches!” and they were gone. Elizabeth leaned against the wall and rubbed her eyes. It was going to be a long day.

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