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Chapter Thirteen

She was right. Her next class was an anxious looking group of first years Gryffindors, to whom she explained how vital this class would be to their lives, accidentally scaring one girl into hysterics.

That class wasn’t to difficult as the students, as first years, were easily impressed, and as Gryffindors weren’t as bratty as others could have been. But, the class was slightly trying as the children had not known much about Voldemort's previous reign, as they hadn’t been there for it, and were mostly innocent and ignorant of most of the trouble on the outside world. That was, they knew of it, but didn’t understand very well.

After that, was lunch. Eliza was almost as light hearted at the prospect of a nice hour of lunch and rest as the students she taught, but refrained from skipping until the corridor was completely empty, with the exception of a few bemused portraits, watching a professor, an adult, skipping down the hall like a little girl.

When Eliza got to the Great Hall, she placed her self in her seat between Snape and Sinistra.

“What are you so,” Snape swore, apparently not as cheerful as his colleague, “Happy for?”

Elizabeth smiled cheerfully, “Now, Snape, you do know that you should be setting a good example for our pupils, correct?”

Snape glared at her, barely holding onto the discipline that kept him from dragging her from the Great Hall and sticking her head down an unflushed toilet.

“Besides, it’s lunch! We get a break from our lectures and practical workings and get to enjoy ourselves!”

Snape paled, his eyes cold, “Why would I enjoy having to eat my lunch with a disgustingly cheerful person such as you?”

Elizabeth gave him a look, still extremely cheerful and said, “The exact same reason I would enjoy having to eat my lunch with a pathetically morose person such as yourself!”

Professor Sinistra watched these proceeding, looking far more interested in their conversation/argument than her cooling food before her.

Snape finished the contents in his goblet, then placed the last fork full of food in his mouth, wiped his mouth calmly, then stood up with a severe “Good day to you,” and swept out of the hall like a bat.

Eliza sipped from her goblet, and smiled at Professor Sinistra, “So, how was your morning?”

Professor Sinistra sighed, “Well, on the whole, not bad at all. They were rather restless, but as it’s the first day of school, I didn’t mind much. Yours?”

Elizabeth smiled reminiscently, “Mostly the same. It was rather interesting.”

Professor Sinistra laughed, “I heard you made one of the first year girls cry.”

Elizabeth’s smile turned sad, “I honestly didn’t mean to. I believe she’s a rather excitable creature.”

Professor Sinistra nodded, “I think your right. You don’t strike me as the type of person who would make someone cry, on purpose or anything like that. I’ve also never seen a student cry on the first day of school, except for the youngest and most excitable, so I think you’re right.”

Elizabeth smiled, “I am.”

Professor Sinistra laughed, then picked at her cold food with her fork.

“Maybe if you had been eating instead of eavesdropping, that food would be gone,” Eliza teased, making her fellow professor blush.

“Sorry,” her new friend whispered.

Elizabeth smiled cheerfully, “Oh, no you aren’t, but it’s okay.”

They talked for mostly the rest of lunch, eating. Professor Sinistra proved to be an interesting person, and great fun to talk to, even though she was a couple years older than Elizabeth, but most of her friendships had been with those older than her, and that proved not to be much of an obstacle.

At the end of lunch, they parted, with a laughing “Good luck!”

Elizabeth walked down the hall, cheerfully, before Professor Dumbledore appeared, turning a corner in front of her, and said, “Elizabeth, I need you in my office, right now.”

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