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Chapter Fifteen: Part One

Class went by rather quickly, as her teaching was similar to that of the sixth year NEWTs. There were less interruptions too, as no one really seemed to question her identity at all.

After that class was the Gryffindor 5th years, who trooped in before the bell rang, looking slightly apprehensive.

Elizabeth took attendance, which did not take long at all as there were few 5th year Gryffindors.

She worked with them on their lesson, and gave them an assignment, avoiding the curious looks she was getting from Ginny Weasley. At the end, when the students left, Ginny studied her Defense professor carefully, then fled.

Elizabeth cleaned up the mess from the day, organized her desk, and put the scrolls and books in the drawers, and headed for dinner. She was tired, and as she headed off to the Great Hall she could feel her head drooping and her eyes closing, but she got to the hall with out any great accident. Dinner was quieter that Lunch had been at the staff table, and seemed longer too. Snape and she only got into one argument, and Professor Sinistra was rather tired too, so the pair of them didn't talk much.

Finally, Elizabeth got to bed and fell asleep, quite early, but she had gotten up extremely early, and hadn't had much sleep the night before. When she fell asleep, the connections with other people in the castle, she could feel with her mind, and shedded all but one lone one, when she began to dream, the dream being a the memory it was:

A/N: Sorry thatís so short, but this is what I can get up right now. The next part will be much longer, and that will be up soon.

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