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Chapter Sixteen

That day Elizabeth ran through her classes with out thinking. The classes didn’t go too badly.

Lunch was the only time Elizabeth didn’t attempt to figure out the one who had connected to her mind so firmly. Professor Sinistra and Elizabeth made fun of Snape behind his back, moving his silverware and flatware from place to place, making him extremely frustrated.

They had a difficult time not laughing as he stood up and leaned all the way across the table for his fork. Elizabeth knocked the chair aside a bit, just enough to give him a jolt. He nearly slipped off the chair when he sat down, but he grabbed Elizabeth’s arm and pulled her almost on top of him.

Students and professors alike were shooting the three of them odd looks. Snape finally gave up trying to eat and swept out of the Great Hall, apparently fuming.

The two professors exchanged looks and fell into gales of silent laughter.

The rest of the day passed rather the same as the first half had.

Professor Snape sat on the edge of his seat at dinner, wary of the two Professors to his left.

Professor Sinistra turned to Eliza when she was a little over half done with her shepherd’s pie.

“I just had the first year Gryffindors,” she said, laughing.

“Did you? When exactly?” Eliza looked up interested.

“Late yesterday, but I forgot to tell you,” she said hurriedly.

“So how were they?”

Professor Sinistra laughed, “Well, a little girl with brown hair was sitting on her stool, and when I explained what we would be working on, she asked why it would be so dark, and began to wail.”

Elizabeth stared, “You’re not kidding, are you?”

She shook her head, smiling, “Not at all. She actually did. I have a feeling she has done that a lot, as when she did it, the others began to give her rather disgusted looks.”

“Well, why’s she being like that?”

“I really don’t know. Either she’s doing it for the attention, she’s weak, or she’s frightened rather easily. I thought Gryffindors were supposed to be bold and brave. My mistake.”

Eliza smiled as she stared out into the group of students. She saw a flurry of moment at the Gryffindor table that immediately proved to be five Gryffindors turning around quickly, one of them over turning a full goblet of milk, causing a bit of disruption.

Dinner ended and as the students and teachers left, Professor Dumbledore caught Elizabeth and Snape while Professor McGonagol followed him.

“Order meeting,” he said softly to them.

Eliza stood by the door looking further in. A moth-eaten hanging hung before a rectangular opening, it looked. The gas lamps appeared to be flickering, and the hall was dingy. It was a bit cleaner than it had been as of last time, but not by much.

Tonks came running out of the kitchen, followed by the slower placed Remus, tired as ever. He gave Eliza a smile as Tonks attempted to lead them into the kitchen, but tripped over something, and toppled over with a crash.

There was the sound of a curtain opening, and an ear splitting scream, erupted behind them.


Elizabeth and Remus leapt forward together and pulled on the curtains. They wouldn’t budge. Elizabeth threw her wait into the movement, and with a snap, they shut.

Eliza exchanged glances with Remus, who was straightening his robes and breathing deeply.

They followed the group into the kitchen. As everyone sat down at the long wooden table, Remus laughed softly and whispered in her ear “Lovely, wasn’t that?”

Elizabeth smiled in reply and turned her gaze over to a serious looking Dumbledore.

“I know it isn’t customary, having two order meetings so close together as these, but some important things have come up.”

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