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Originally Posted by *Maven*
Interesting are we sure that petunia needs to be around or is it just where Harry calls home. If it is then possibly Harry could shift his view of home to Hogwarts and be immune there. That would be cool.
No, look at it this way: if Harry shifts his view of home to Hogwarts, he loses the immunity provided by Petunias home. He's safe (as in bloodline safe) nowhere if he shifts his view like that. I don't think it really works that way. If the spell works on Harry's feelings, then he's only safe in Petunia's home as long as he feel at home there. Seeing as the Dursley's have always tried to make sure he never felt at home in his life, I doubt that it works that way. He can call the place home as long as Petunia is allowing it. I think calling it home is strictly being allowed to reside there.

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