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I like your opinion, Dead. Even if Dumbledore does trust the irregular watch, I doubt Mrs. Weasley or Mrs. Figg will have much confidence in it anymore, after the mistake that was made at the beginning of Book 5. I especially liked your idea that he could begin to stop considering it home... that would really be interesting to see what would happen in that instance, and also to see how he deals with what results. Even though Dumbledore explained that he had to consider Privet Drive his home, Harry can't really control that. If he didn't consider Privet Drive his home anymore, I would think the Weasleys' home (probably not Grimmauld, since Sirius's death) would be his next choice, so it would also be fascinating to see how Mrs. Weasley (who I think seems to feel most strongly about his considering their house a home) in particular would deal with the results of something she'd be likely to feel was a good thing. I would love to see that happen, in the sense of what a cool plot it could potentially create.

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