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A/N: I'm going to be using one of the characters, Elizabeth (Eliza), from my other fanfic, Only Family, but it will still make sense if you don't read it, as it's after this.

Jan 7

I'm back in the commmon, again. We've had dinner, and I already wrote my essay for Charms.

Alice is sitting near me, reading a book, looking exhausted. She's beginning to nod off, I think. She keeps starting and waking herself up. Joan, my best friend in my year, is glaring at the fire, her red hair glowing, looking very evil indeed. Liza, my other best friend in the year below me, is talking to her brother, James, on the other side of the common room. Sirius is with them, moving her books to bother her. How she puts up with them, I don't know. Remus is near them, doing his charms essay along with Peter, who appears to be struggling. It makes you feel almost sorry for him.

Nothing very interesting happened today, except Sirius got a letter from his parents. That rarely happens, but it turned out that they were trying to convince him to quit being a "blood-traitor" as they seem to call it. Sirius got mad and moved rather deliberatly, but his spoon slipped and hit Liza on the face. He appologized and seemed to calm down by laughing when she tickled him.

Liza just came over and sat down. She's talking to me right now about this diary and how we seem "unseperable" or something. I can't quite tell, she's talking too quickly.

Liza's quite a lot like James, but if James was more like her, I might consider talking to him occasionally. She's a bit of a troublemaker like him, and she has the same disregard for the rules, but she's not arrogant and she doesn't draw as much attention as her brother. She's on the quidditch team like him, though. She plays seeker, and is rather good at it.

James just came over, and so did Sirius. They're tormenting Liza. Sirius usually calls her Beth, Bethy, Liz, or Lizzie. He's the only one who does, because she hates it, and not many people want to make Liza mad. She can have a horrible temper, and James, even though most people don't think so, is really protective of her.

Liza looks quite a bit like James, especially with her hair down and her glasses on. She doesn't always wear them, her eyes aren't nearly as bad as James, and she can manage quite well with out them. If Liza has her hair pulled back and her glasses off, it's rather hard to see the resemblence.

I can't believe I just wrote so much about her, but she is rather interesting, and we spend time a lot with each other, so I guess the description was useful. Maybe next time I'll describe Alice or Joan.

James looks like he's trying to read this upside down, so I think I'd better close.


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