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Jan 13

Today went pretty well, except for the end. That would probably be because of the small... er.... large row between James and I after dinner. Well, maybe I was the one that did most of the shouting, but James was the one that provoked it. I suppose I could've just let it pass, but James was being such a provoking little toad all day that I just broke.

I hate it when I do that, especially because it seems to make James partially pleased and it makes the rest of the school whisper when he or I pass them for about a week. I guess that's the trouble you get for living in a school full of kids with nothing better to do than gossip and... gossip.

Alice is watching me. She seems pleased with the fact that she was the one forcing me into this. No one that doesn't know her well would never dream that quiet, shy Alice would be so stubborn! I wish she weren't, but I'm not going to tell her that I don't mind this anymore. I just moan for the sake of giving the girl a hard time, and giving her a headache for... five seconds.

Lize is talking to Remus. I'm not sure what about, but she looks amused in a grim way. James, Sirius, and Peter keep whispering and looking my way. It may have something to do with the row not too long ago.

Lize and Remus just came over here. No word of what they were talking about, but they seem to be making an effort to be jolly. I'll have to get it out of Lize later. Tickling always works... it's easier not to use the charm. She's ticklish in enough places!

Peter's here now, too. Liza doesn't look to happy with that. She's giving him rather disgusted looks. She's not to fond of him. I don't know why. Peter's nice enough. I asked her once why, and she had difficulty explaining.

There are too many people over here to keep on writing.

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