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Jan 14

Joan, Lize, Alice, and I are up in Joan and my dormitory. Lize is sitting on my bed next to me, twisting a strand of hair around her finger. Joan and Alice are sitting on Joan's bed, side by side. We're talking, and I have nothing better to do than record our conversation:

Joan, grinning: So, Alice, how's Frank?

(She went on a walk with him earlier)

Alice blushes, and stammers: Oh, he's fine, I guess.

Joan winks at Lize and says to me: See, I think they're getting hooked up, so what about you and James?

I stare at her and answer: James? You wish Joan! He's a sick arrogant idiot, and I don't want to go out with him! He's a bully, he's...

Liza clears her throat: Um, Lily, I know you don't like James and everything, but I would prever if you didn't insult my brother. Especially not in front of me.

I felt myself grow red: Sorry, Lize, I didn't mean...

Lize answers: I know what you meant, Lils, but still, he's my brother. You have a right not to like him, but just don't insult him in front of me. It makes me rather uncomfortable.

Uncomfortable silence.

Breaking it, Joan says: Lize, how's quidditch going?

Lize: Pretty good. The only trouble we're having is that Frank his having problems blocking his left hoop. And we have to catch up on our homework afterwards. I hate OWLs.

Alice laughs: Yeah, and we haven't even taken them yet!

Lize: Ugh. Speaking of which, Lis, we have that charms essay for Flitwick to work on.

Alice: Why'd you have to remind me?

Lize: Because, if I didn't, you'd be frantic tomorrow.

Joan and I exchange looks. Too right she would!

Alice and Lize say goodnight and leave.

Joan grins: I see the row with you and James hasn't yet become old news yet!

I moan.

Joan laughs: how long will this one take? A week? Two?

Me: shut up.

I threw a pillow at her.

She laughs: come on, let's go see how everyone's doing.

Me: just a second.

I haven't gotten what Lize and Remus were talking about out of her yet. I'll keep trying. Maybe I should really try the tickling....

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