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Jan 15

Lize isn't giving anything up. Maybe I don't want to know, but she's been trying to convince me that it's his buisness, and I ought to lay off. I guess I will, as she's acting rather desperate about it.

We're in the common room, once again. Alice, Lize, Frank, and a few others have been studying for three and a half hours now. I heard Sirius comment that that was a lot of time for so early, but I don't think so. Lize was really reluctant to start studying, but Alice got her too. Honestly, that girl could get Voldemort himself to do something good... I don't recommend it though, he'd probably kill her, and that wouldn't exactly be good.

Joan's reading a chapter in our potions book, looking bored. Remus just walked over.

"Hi," he sits.

Joan nodds eying him carefully. Remus raises an eye at her, and she seems satisfied. She smiles at him and returns to her chapter, her eyes flicking up to us occasionally.

"Your row with James doesn't seem to be blowing over anytime soon," he commented, looking at me carefully.

"So?" I ask, trying not to snap. I succeed, but barely.

Remus shrugs, "He's in a bad mood."

I nodded, looking at him carefully.

He catchs my look and nods, "Just making conversation."

"Why, exactly?"

He laughs, "Because James in a bad enough mood to get Sirius out of his way. No talking to him right now."


"Yeah, and Liza's studying, and Sirius is off with Peter talking to Hagrid. I just got back from the library, so I decided to talk to you."

I nod. Remus occasionally does that. He's nicer than the others, but he never stops him. Peter's nice too, of course, but he's always following Sirius and James. Rather pathetic. Wow, I sound like Lize.

I pull out my astronomy homework, then look up, "Say, do you know when the next full moon is? My lunar charts not here."

Remus looks at me oddly, then says, "The 25."

"Thanks." Why exactly does he know that? Then I realize. Once a month he usually disappears, right? And he always seems to know when the next full moon is. I have a theory. I'll test it.

Remus and I are still talking, but it's nothing intresting enough to write.

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