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I have stopped asking Liza about her conversation with Remus. My reasoning is simple enough. If my theory's correct, it would explain a good deal of my questions. If it's correct, how ever, that would be horrible. There's suppose to lot of pain during that. I'd hate that to actually happen to someone, especially some one I know and like, such as Remus.

Alice seems rather proud of herself for making me write in this journal. I pretend I hate it, but it's just pretending, and I think she's realised it by now.

Sirius is chasing Liza around the common room. She has his wand captive, along with a small mirror. He's yelling and chasing her. They're weaving in and out of chairs, tables and people. Neither of them have tripped. Oops. Spoke to soon. Sirius just tripped over a rug. He fell face first. As he fell, he grabbed Liza by her robes nd pulled her down with him. Now they're in a heap on the floor, laughing so hard they can't speak, both of them with tears rolling down their cheeks.

Lize still has Sirius's wand and mirror. Wait, nope. Remus took that moment to reach down and take them from her. He pats her on the head, only to make her laugh harder, then takes them to the table they were/are sitting at.

Sometimes I can hardly see what Liza sees in them other than the family ties, but she enjoys it to such an extent, I think that it may kill her from the excitement. Alice and Joan sometimes go with her to over there and enjoy it, but I never go over there. I would want to, if it weren't for the fact that if I'm within ten feet of that git she calls her brother, he asks me out. Annoying prat.

Other times, I can see that they're really nice people, with a bit of git mixed in. Oximoron or not, that's how I feel. But then, where that lot is concerned, I'm not quite sure how I feel. All I know is that Joan is intimidating Peter, right now, and I think he's about to cry. Should I rescue him? Let's just watch it unfold...

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