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Jan 17

No, Joan didn't make Peter cry, much. He just stood up and ran up the stairs. Joan nearly fell off her chair laughing.

I can't see Alice and Lize. They're hidden behind this pile of books .... completely hidden. James just came over here and asked if I'd go to Hogsmeade with him. Any guesses to what I said? No, of course. He didn't seem that surprised, just turned around and walked away.

I'm sure he'll ask me about 25 times until the Hogsmeade trip. At the Hogsmeade trip, he'll ask me about twice more. Stubborn idiot.

Joan's asked me if I feel sorry for him in the she leaned back in her arm chair.

I answered of course I did, any one who is so hung up on someone, but also happens to be a complete git is someone I guess I pity.

She asked me if I won't actually just go out with him once, at least.

I answered that I wouldn't, at least not until he stops being such a bigheaded arrogant git, and starts acting human.

She laughs and asks if I don't think going out with him might show me that he is actually capable of human emotion.

I answer that if he can't show any human emotion with out my help, then he's a completely idiotic moron.

Gosh, I'm mean. Oh, well. I guess he deserves it. Too bad I'm doing this with out someone to stand up for him. Like Lize.

I guess now that I'm feeling guilty, I'm not going to be able to write with out devoting several pages to him, something I wouldn't want to know. For one thing, it's a complete waste of paper, and for another, if James found out, it would just make his head swell to a much bigger size. If that's possible.

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