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Jan 20

Joan and I had to drag Alice and Liza outside today, away from their studying. Actually, it wasn't that hard, at least not Liza. She was staring out the window, her feet kicking long before we decided to go outside. It was freezing out there, and the snow kept blowing into our faces. With in seconds, Liza was covered in snow and her pent-up energy was coming out.

Joan and Alice were taking a neat walk through the snow, and Liza dragged me into a snowball fight. Joan and Alice were amused, and when ever one of our snowballs nearly or did "accidently" hit them, they'd send a rocketting lot to us. After a while, we wandered around the lake. Then it started snowing again, so we went to see Hagrid. We don't often, but Liza goes with her brother, Sirius, and all, sometimes.

Hagrid was rather cheerful, and asked if we wanted some tea. We declined, but then he told us we were either going to have something warm, or freeze. We thought he was exagerating, and he probably was. He then gave us cocoa, which was different than usual. Liza was immediately thirsty (she has a weakness for it) and made us have some.

When we left, Liza chased Joan half way to the castle, before Joan began chasing her. They ran around in circles, before falling over. Alice jumped onto Liza, and rubbed her face with snow. Joan tackled me, and the attack continued. We went up to the castle tired, wet, cold, and.... cold.

That was our outing.... and now we're completely calm, and doing our homework. Actually, no, Liza just got up and tackled Remus. Okay, then. That was odd. Now she's back to doing her homework, and Remus is rubbing the back of his head, looking confused. Sirius is doubling up with laughter, and I'm going to finish this essay.

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