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I think that the clues lie in what JKR has already told people in the World Book Day Chat. The first important thing to remember is that she has said that it will be his shortest stay in Privet Drive yet.

Also I think it's important when propehecising what's going to happen that she's also said that we will find out what Dudley saw when he was attacked by dememtors (does this point to another Dementor attack) and that Vernon Dursley is the character she hates the most in the book. From that I think that we can safely assume that Vernon is certainly not going to get any better and will likely treat Harry worse - he did try and turf Harry out of his home last year.

I think that Petunia is likely to warm towards Harry this year. The situation has changed considerably from the way it was before and I, being one of those people who believes that Petunia is a squib, I think Petunia can grasp the fact that it is no time for petty squables about burning the breakfast. Also remember that she has been known to show Harry kindness in the past. Look back at OotP it was she who persuaded Vernon to let Harry stay, and she who bothered to cook him meals while Vernon would probably have left him to rot.

If Harry was depressed and cut up about seeing Cedric die then imagine how shattered and distraught he will be this comming summer. We can safely say that Harry's life is not likely so seem any rosier this time around.

I also think that Vernon does not already know about Petunia's past, given the suprise that Vernon had when she knew about Azkaban and Dementors, and his general disgust of anything linked to magic.

Lastly I am keen to see how Harry and Mrs. Figg's relationship develops this time seeing as she will probably be the only close link to the Wizarding world for a while - and what is the connection between her, her cats and Argus Filch.

So here is my little theory: At some point (maybe Book 7 not 6) Vernon will discover that Petunia is a squib and has magic links. This will probably lead to a massive row and Vernon accusing her of being a liar and filthy etc. Petunia will be forced to leave 4 Privet Drive, and so will Harry because he must stay where ever Petunia stays. Perhaps this is in fact dudley's worst fear or something along these lines and maybe he will come with Petunia as well. If this does happen, I think that they will either go to Mrs. Figg or stay at 12 Grimmaud Place (If Harry does recieve Sirius' estate and belongings).

Your thoughts?

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