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Jan 26

Remus came to breakfast later than usual, looking pale, tired, and weak. Lize gave him a grin, which he returned. She poured him hot chocolate. He accepted, raising his eyebrows slightly, before laughing and drinking some of it.

The other three were tired looking too, but looking rather cheerful. Why they were tired is beyond me, and Lize keeps ignoring my questions on it. But she did, when we got into the common room tell me that I should tell Remus that I know. I was startled and asked why, and she just shrugged, and answered:

"Well, I think he'd feel better knowing that you told him that you knew rather than you keeping that from him. It would make him a bit more comfortable around you, also."

I asked if she didn't think he'd be upset, and she answered:

"Him? No. Trust me, I know him well, and he'd be a lot happier knowing you knew and didn't mind rather than not being aware of it at all."

I though that was odd, and told her so, but she just called Remus over anyway.

I told him that I knew, feeling rather nervous, but he just nodded, and asked if I minded at all. I told him I didn't, and his expression cleared, and he smiled. He teased me about James, and Lize rolled her eyes while we debated about him. He caught me in a corner, as he knows more about him and managed to tie me up with my own argument.

We were rather relaxed, and watched Peter fall asleep and fall out of his chair. Then he told me he had to go do his essay for charms. I answered saying I was finished.

Now I'm watching him. He only seemed slightly startled I knew, but after he realised I didn't mind, he warmed up. Maybe that's not the right term, but I'm tired, so I'll head up to bed.

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