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Jan 31

I thought I was going to make a whole week of no writing, but Alice cornered me, and put me under the tickling jinx until I gave in. How I love giving her a hard time!

James has asked me to go to Hogsmeade with him a total of 27 times so far. That's neartly a record! At this rate, he'll ask me about 54 times before the actual Hogsmeade visit. Of course, I may have to come in contact with him more often, these coming days. I hope not, but it's possible.

The Quidditch team just trouped in again. They're soaked. Their uniforms are dripping, but apparently they made it here without Filch or his cat getting a hold of them. Liza's leaving a little river behind her.

Ouch. Alice just came down the steps and slipped on Liza's puddles, bump, bump, bump, bump, the rest of the way down the staircase. She's not hurt, she's sitting at the foot of the stairs, laughing.

Joan is watching the procedures with an odd look on her face. Her eyebrows are raised, her eyes cool, and her face emotionless. I think it's due to that look that many people are afraid of her.

When I ask her what's going on, she hisses, "Make him look away."

I looked to see what she was talking about. Then I saw. Sirius was looking at her curiously, staring, almost. I drew his attention to me and shook my head. He gave me an apologetic/not exactly so grin, and turned away, talking to James, who just came in.

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