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The more that I have talked about it, and thought about it, the stranger this begins to seem. What is so strange is that Sirius asked Lize. Not only is that the strangest and most..... destructive couple ever imagined, they consider each other as siblings! To Sirius, Liza is a sister he can tease during all hours of every day. To Liza, Sirius is her other brother, one that she can't tell on and he can't tell on her to her parents. He's another soul to tease, and he's another friend to talk to. Them as a couple is one of the scarier things I've ever come across. Almost.

Another thing is, the part of the conversation after I stopped writing it all down. (Sirius was trying to read it, so I had to slam it shut and glare at him ) Here it is:

Lize: What's James going to do?

Remus (laughs): Oh, him? He's going stag! (more laughs)

Lize: Really? Literally or no?

(That part made absolutely no sense, but Sirius, Remus and Lize all laughed)

Sirius (thoughtfully): You know, I think he is going literally.... I mean, Lily e won't go with him, so maybe.

Lize: What about Peter?

Remus (shrugs): I think he's going with some Hufflepuff girl. What was her name?

Sirius: Alexis, I think.

Lize: What about you, Remus?

Remus: Well, I was going to go with Alice, but now she and Frank have finally gotten together. Maybe-

(Joan comes in, Sirius gets pale. Joan pointedly ignores him.)

Joan: Hi Remus, Hi Lize, Lily, Alice

Remus: Hi Joan. Do you want to go with me to Hogsmeade?

Joan:Yes! I will!

(She looks slowly at Sirius, almost pointedly. He smiles and nods to Liza. Joan's eyes become icy, and she smirks and nods to Remus. They seem to have been almost showing off the fact that they had dates with other people. When Sirius and Remus left, Sirius had an odd look on his face, almost sad. To my surprise, so did Joan)

Then I got it. Why would they have those looks on there faces? Why are they so uncomfortable around each other now? Why were they so eager to get dates? Other people for dates? I nearly laughed when I realized it. They are such idiots! But then, maybe I'm no better off then them.

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