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Febuary 4

Absolutely nothing interesting is going on. Nothing! At all! THe only thing half way so is that Joan and Sirius were having a rather silent fight of glowering during dinner. James couldn't keep a straight face and ended up falling, laughing, into his mashpotatoes. Alice looked vaguelly amused, and Liza and Remus were exchanging looks, both of them grinning.

But, Alice is making me write this, and has me covered with her wand, even though she's too busy studying to notice that I've been pretending to tear out all of the pages.

Maybe I should try to discribe my friends???

Physical: She's tall, thin and pale. She has rather shadowed eyes, and they're gray. Her hair is curly and a dark red. She usually has a look on her face that could freeze the sun, or boil blood.

Personality: She's frightening and proud of it. She thinks it's best to scare respect out of a person then become their friend. She says it keeps them loyal. Where she came up with that, I don't know. She's not good with 'good' emotions. I think they scare her. She's intellegent and is best at Defense Against the Dark Arts, which has caused a few rumors.

Physical: She has straight, light brown hair. She has a constant smile and a round face. She's slightly short, and has amber colored eyes.

Personality: She's usually cheerful, and is studious. She's a sweetheart, and is embaressed almost easily, but she does have a hard side. She can manipulate people to do what she wants them to do, trying to convince them that it's good for them. She's had a crush on Frank for almost ever, but she usually goes to Hogsmeade with Remus, as friends. She's rather studious, too.

She's medium height. She has messy black hair, and hazel eyes. She's thin and wears glasses. She looks alot like her brother, but if she pulls her hair back and takes off her glasses, she looks very different.

She's full of energy and laughter. She plays pranks as she draws breath, and gets on well with her brother's friends, except Peter. She can be sweet, too, but she's far more stubborn than is probably good for her.

Okay, my hands tired, and Alice has finally stopped covering me with her wand.

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