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I think Voldermort knows and is just playing with Snape. From what we've seen of Voldemort from the end of GoF...he has little respect and zero trust for his Death Eaters. How can he trust anyone when he's so ruthless himself? It's hard to explain...but I think Voldermort operates with a presumption that his DE are worthless. If they prove otherwise, great. But they're kind of like mindless things he can use to see his will done as far as Voldermort is concerned. With few exceptions, they all betrayed him the last time around, but he didn't kill them. He saw some value to them for various reasons...positions some of them held at the Ministry etc.

So I think it's kind of the same with Snape. He's at Hogwarts...I don't think any other professor has any contact with Voldemort or DE. I think, regardless of how he feels about Snape, Voldie would see value in that and try to think of a way to exploit that asset. He may be feeding information to Snape. When you think about it, having the Order guard the prophecy didn't set him back much. He just used one of them to try and take the prophecy and realized that either he or Harry had to remove it. Voldemort may have thought that telling Snape about his plan to take the prophecy wouldn't be 'high profile information' in relation to some of his other plans. We'll see.

I just find it hard to believe, that even if Voldie didn't know that Snape had turned spy before, that Kreacher hasn't told him he is feeding info to the Order (via Narcissa). Even if Kreacher couldn't reveal this info when Sirius was alive (which, unless he was given a direct order not to tell, he could tell), he can definitely reveal it now that he is dead. I think Snape and his role will be a major plotline in the next 2 books.

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