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The thing is, if Voldemort knew, Snape's spying would be pretty useless... after all, they're not going to give good info to someone they know is a spy. LV is not known for being merciful, so I don't think that, if he knew Snape was a spy, he'd just let him go. Plus, Snape and Malfoy (LV's right hand man) are still great buddies, apparently. That wouldn't happen if LV knew about Snape's spying.
I think that the point of introducing Occlumency was to show us how Snape is an effective spy. LV is a skilled Legilmens, so Snape's Occlumency is the only way in which he can effectively spy.
In short, no, I don't think LV knows that Snape is a spy - yet. The quote from Dumbledore about Snape putting himself at great personal risk is very telling though, and I do think that the spying will get Snape in trouble (killed?) in the beginning.

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