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Ravenclaw02...I'm not saying that Voldie is merciful...but he does use people. And it is very possible that Malfoy may know that Snape is double dealing...but it's not necessary for him to know (if you remember from GoF...Voldie wasn't too happy with Malfoy or any of his Death Eaters). I'm saying that the odds of Voldemort accepting anyone back into his service with full trust is like, non-existent. He doesn't trust his DE's...his only weapon against them is fear of him...but he can use them regardless. He seems to be pretty perceptive...he knows that Wormatail only came to find him because he had no other choice. But that didn't matter to Voldie because he could use Wormtail to return to his body.

I'm saying that Voldie knows what Snape is up to...we don't know what his plans are. Getting the prophecy may have been a luxury to him...something he wanted but didn't need in the end. I think he fully intends to exploit the fact that Snape is at Hogwarts. To do that, he would need to feed info to Snape...but it wouldn't be the most important info. Above all else, he would need Dumbledore to believe that he is believing Snape's act. From what was being reported in the Daily Prophet, Voldie knew that the MoM didn't believe he was back. He also knew that Fudge was trying to discredit Dumbledore. So he knew that DD couldn't just have the prophecy removed (which would actually take Harry to do)...the best they could do is guard it.

Having the Order guard the prophecy didn't amount to I said before. Voldie probably thought he could just kill any guard (as he tried to do with Arthur) and get out of the MoM with the prophecy...which would then make the dead guard look involved in some way. That would keep the heat off of Voldie. In the end, Voldie defeated himself by thinking he could just use Harry to get the prophecy. That had nothing to do with information he was passing along to Snape.

So, I don't think there is anyway Voldie doesn't know what Snape is up to. To him, the risk of having Snape spy on him is manageable...they just pass along less important info to Snape. But the risk of letting DD and company in on his smaller plans is far outweighed by the benefit of having Snape at Hogwarts. He may pull the polyjuice trick and have Malfoy or another DE pose as Snape while Snape is imprisoned somewhere...I don't know how it will be done, but he will use the situation to his advantage. Hopefully Snape manages to survive...probably with the reluctant help of Harry.

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