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Febuary 11

I over heard a conversation between James and Lize. I have nothing else to write, so I'll copy it down here.

J: I just don't get it! Why doesn't she...

E: Honestly, James. It's because Lily's not shallow.

J: I never said she was! I was just asking why she won't...

E: Go out with you? Take flattery in your attention? She's not one of those girls. She doesn't swoon over you because you're popular, or....

J: Or handsome?

E: Poor, poor James. Poor, poor, dillusional James.

J: Hey! I take offense in that!

E: (dramatically) Oh! How ever will you go on? (sound of someone falling against the wall)

J: (laughing) Honestly, Iza, why?

E: She doesn't want some arrogant idiot who can't care for anyone but himself!

(I wonder how many conversations about me they've had? This one's making me feel slightly awkward, I will admit)

J: I am not arrogant! I care about other people!

E: (sighs) I know that, but I've known you all my life. She doesn't know you that well, and everytime you go near her, you act like such a git that I don't know why I'm related to you! You hex people, you scoff, you act all high and mighty, I mean James! You're better than that! She doesn't know that because you've never been normal around her!

J: She should stop putting up that 'Hard to Get' Act! She knows she likes me!

E: James!

J: Yeah?

E: Stop acting like a freak and get over yourself!

It sounded like they were about to leave the room, so I left in a hurry.

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