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I don't think the Malfoys are aware of Voldie's supicions of Snape at the moment. I do believe that Luicius thought Snape just pulled the same scam he did by saying he never helped the Dark Lord voluntarily. So I think Malfoy would still be chumy chumy with Snape because he just thinks he made the clever choice by saying he turned spy for DD. And again, it would be a huge red flag if Malfoy suddenly didn't trust Snape anymore. So he either does know and is stll pretending to be his buddy, or Voldie hasn't told him because he doesn't see any reason for anyone to know his plans for Snape at the moment. He might think that one of his DEs would screw it up by saying something to Snape that lets him know Voldie isn't too happy with him. And I stress again, that the only reason Snape is still alive is Voldie needs him...I'm sure he will be tortured mercilessly after Voldie's need for him is diminished. Probably while Malfoy is using polyjuice potion to look like Snape and infiltrating Hogwarts.

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