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Originally Posted by Tane
If Snape could close his mind directly to Voldemort then why would The Dark Lord risk enlisting Snape as a Death Eater. It would be very risky for Voldemort to trust someone who closed there mind every time Voldemort wanted to know something. If Voldemort can't get through Snape's thoughts then in theory neither can Dumbledore putting Snape in control of who gets what information or if he just keeps it to himself.
As I read his l/o speech, Voldie wouldn't be able to detect that Snape had closed his mind to him. Snape would just be able to block out any memories, thoughts and emotions that would contradict whatever lie he was telling at the time. It seemed to me from the description more like an exercise in extreme self control than magic, per se. As for doing it with DD, I would presume Snape could do it with anyone he chose, although its unclear if DD would be better at detecting it than Voldie. Theorectically DD is more powerful than Voldie, no?

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