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Though saying that Snape could not really leave Hogwarts without probably being asked questions on his where about if needed at the school, so Voldemort might not have wanted him to go to the MoM for security reasons.

Though I do think Voldemort has his suspicions of Snape and I can't help but think that even though Harry dislikes Snape, he might feel some regret if he was to die protecting him. I mean could you imagine someone who always appears to hate you and yet ends up dieing to save your life. I think that will be the only way Harry will forgive Snape fully in the end, if Snape puts his life at risk for him.

Saying that Snape's smart enough to whimper his way out of any sticky situation and probably has a very good excuse as to why Voldemort should really trust him. No doubt Snape will prove his loyalty to Voldemort; I just hope it is not at the expense of Dumbledore that he gains his redemption from the Dark Lord.

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