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Ok, Voldemort has to know by now. How could he not? Voldemort knows the names of all his DE's and whose following him. Snape was also part of a gang of Slytherins that nearly all turned out to be DE's. Since Snape and Malfoy seem to be so buddy buddy I'm going to assume that they were part of that gang. It's apparent that Snape is the one Voldemort was referring to as the one who wouldn't return. Assuming that Voldemort knows he's turned against him and that Lucius knows about his change of heart that brings me to two conclusions. One being that Lucius knows the truth now but hasn't said anything becasue he plans to use Snape against himself or that he's in league with Severus which I doubt. Two, being that Lucius knows nothing about Snape's switch. So if Snape's risking his life to get information there might be another way that he's been getting his info. A safer way. There's also the fact that Draco tends to drop dark hints onto Harry and his gang. Lke when he hinted to Harry about Sirius with his use of the word Doggy...Maybe that's how... Maybe that's one of the ways Severus is getting his information. I never really thought about it till now but it makes sense. How else did Snape know that Lucius saw Sirius at Platform 9 3/4? Draco can't keep his mouth shut and he's been known in the past to drop hints like this in the past and he's obviously discussed God knows what with Theodore not, Crabbe, and Goyle. If there was anyone that Draco was going to spill his guts to it would probably be the one person other than his father that he seems to trust and respect completely. Severus. I'll bet you right now that after Draco made those hints at Harry that as soon as they got to school Draco went off running his mouth again or atleast saying enough for Severus to put the pieces together. If Snape is no longer in with Voldemort's DE's and he's spying on them aswell Draco must be his key to finding out what Lucius and the other DE's are up to. I mean think about it. Many of the Slytherins have parents who are or were supporters of Voldemort. Draco might not be the only one running his mouth becasue if Draco knows a lot than I'm sure the rest of them might to. It would be the perfect cover. Snape is a teacher by day while all the while secretly spying on them and taking notes.


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