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Originally Posted by Discordia
[size=2]Ok, Voldemort has to know by now. How could he not?
Why would Voldemort know, if Snape is such a great spy then he might not know whether or not his death eater is on his side or not due to Snape's sneaky abilities. A good spy keeps you guessing and I have a feeling that Snipe might not be on Dumbledore's side. Voldemort was not sure you see about the death eater that might have betrayed him, for all we know he could have been playing a game there and casting doubt just to reinforce Snape's true position and hide the fact that he is really spying for him, Voldemort.

Snape is not betraying Voldemort, I think he is thick in with him though it is difficult to prove which side he has truly taken and that is the thing. I stated in a thread that Snape seemed afraid when Harry spoke out Voldemort's name during one of the Occlumency lessons. I could be wrong though as the death eaters especially Bellatrix state the same thing to anyone they see as not worthy to be either a death eater or supporter of Voldemort, they say 'how dare you speak of his name', and that is not that dissimilar to what Snape spat at Harry with when he said Voldemort in front of him.

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