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Originally Posted by Tane
Voldemort was not sure you see about the death eater that might have betrayed him, for all we know he could have been playing a game there and casting doubt just to reinforce Snape's true position and hide the fact that he is really spying for him, Voldemort.
What would be the point of Voldemort doing that? He thought Harry was going to die, so who was going to carry the news back that there is a Death Eater who has left forever? Unless he believes there is another spy amongst the Death Eaters, I can't see any point in his making a statement that would suggest Snape is not loyal.

I do agree, however, that Voldemort was not certain that the traitor had truly deserted him. Because of this, I think Snape could have persuaded Voldemort to let him live and return to the ranks of the Death Eaters (possibly telling him he would act as a spy at Hogwarts). However, I would doubt that Voldemort would fully trust Snape, so he doesn't tell Snape everything. Because of this, Snape didn't know about the plan to lure Harry to the Ministry of Magic. I do think Snape is loyal to Dumbledore (though I wouldn't trust Snape further than Hagrid could throw him).

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