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Originally Posted by Tane

I really can't figure out Snape at all. You just can't trust him and for all we know it could have been Fudge as his faithful servant who would not even acknowledge his return to the point of insulting Voldemorts very existence by denying his return to power and granting him what he needs or wants. Fudge fits the role just as much as Snape. I still think there is something not quiet right with Snape’s character as it is not all cut and dry and he is too cunning to be caught out by either Voldemort or Dumbledore.

I really can't wait to find out about Snape and J.K.Rowling did state that there was something bad about his character in the next book, she told us not to feel too sorry for Snape suggesting that he has something up his sleeve. Now I was convinced it was Snape until J.K.Rowling stated that we could not trust Snape and that we should not get too comfortable with him or feel sorry for him in an interview. After that I am really not sure as to how to take Snape’s character.
I'm the same - I honestly have no idea how to interpret Snapes actions. I'm really looking forward to finding out exactly who's side he's on. That said, I do think that Voldemort probably knows about Snape spying (if he is indeed spying FOR the order), for whatever reason, my guess because he knows that having Snape so close to Dumbledore and Harry could be a huge advantage, he's not punished Snape just yet. We know that he's not exactly merciful towards death eaters who have failed him, but I think Snape is different to the others - Snape can give LV something that no other failed death eater has been able to give, so thats why LV has spared him... so far.

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