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Re: Deathly Hallows Part 1: Romantic moments & that scene...

Originally Posted by free_elf View Post
I'm R/Hr all the way! I think I've seen you mention you lean toward H/Hr?

I completely understand how the lack of R/Hr moments may irritate people. From my perspective I try and see it as kind of fitting canon Ron and Hermione. They never really had big physically intimate moments until the kiss (from what I can remember). Their liking for one another was always in the feuding and unwillingness to get too close to one another. They always seemed to overcompensate in the other direction if you know what I mean? Obviously this does begin to change in DH book and movie though (e.g. hand-holding).

A dance scene in the movie between R/Hr (even though I would've absolutely loved it!) would only have served to add to the relationship plot line. I think the H/Hr dance scene serves a greater purpose, so I can see why Yates and Kloves put it in.
When I'm reading the books, or watching the movies, I'm totally canon and completely for R/Hr! For fun, I ship H/Hr And neither the twain shall meet.

So I don't want to be mistaken as a delusional H/Hr shipper who wants to see romance in this scene, because even I don't see the romance. And I mind the line between canon and fanon.

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