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Re: Rate / Review the Last Film you've seen v.3

The Karate Kid--The Karate Kid II--The Karate Kid III--so for some reason, I never got around to watching these all the way through before, but they all showed up on Netflix, so I finally bit the bullet and watched. The trilogy is entertaining, but definitely with diminishing returns. The first one is a solid underdog/coming of age story with all the classic story beats, but Pat Morita's Mr Miyagi is played with a ton of heart, which helps elevate the whole film. Part II takes the action to Okinawa, where some things happen which don't really make much sense (Spoiler tags for anyone who, like me, didn't get around to seeing these movies for the first 30-odd years of their existence:
Spoiler: show
I didn't really see the reason for Chozen's animosity towards Daniel right from the get-go. It seemed a little overdone given the circumstances portrayed in the film. I also would think Chozen should get into legal trouble for threatening Kumiko's life, not to mention Daniel's, but the film never really acts like there's ramifications beyond the final fight.
.) Morita is still great as the mentor, and the 1980s teenage girl that I was absolutely loved the over-the-top-cheesefest of Peter Cetera's Glory of Love on the soundtrack . Part III ramps up the "why did that happen" factor even more, with characters frequently not being consistent with their prior personalities, a completely bonkers setup for the antagonists, who need serious therapy for the issues that prompt their actions in this movie, and a pseudo-love interest for Daniel who seems completely pointless story-wise. Bottom line: The Karate Kid is a classic 80s movie with a lot of heart, part II is not as good, part III is the worst of the bunch, but I'm not sorry I watched any of them (although I don't think I would watch III again, and possibly not II either).

Having said all that, I've seen some of the Cobra Kai YouTube series that's a sequel to these movies with the original actors from the first film (sadly, not Pat Morita, who passed away), and it's pretty good. I like that show better than parts II and III.

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