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Re: Will Neville play a major role in Deathly Hallows?

It depends on what your definition of major to determine Neville's roll. He will probably continue as he has in the past. He has been a character who is a step behind the majors. He is a wonderful example of the child brought up in a domineering family who has no self confidence. His breaking away from the family at school and being noticed by his peers has helped him to break out and show his true nature. I see Neville as continuing to show us how Voldemort has effected others in the wizarding community, not just Harry.
I do believe that he will have a face to face with Bellatrix but I am unsure of the outcome. It would be a terrible shock to see this young man who has grown so much over the years die but then again it would also reinforce the evil of the Dark Lord and his followers. This has never been a series that has the good guys always winning. They temporarily defeat, hold the status quo and make headway but not without loss. Neville is the boy who wasn't and could be the boy who didn't live.
I am fairly positive that he will not be the one to take out Voldemort.

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