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Re: Will Neville play a major role in Deathly Hallows?

Originally Posted by RemusLupinFan View Post
I actually think Neville will play a significant role. In OotP and HPB we've seen how Neville has evolved from the boy he was back in book one. I think this trend of evolution will continue, and Neville will prove himself to be a great wizard in his own right and in a different way than Harry. From the first book where Neville was willing to stand up to his friends I think Neville's courage will continue to grow and will play an important part in DH before the end. Of course, his role won't be as important as the trio's, but I do believe he will have his part to play in the story.
I agree. This is pretty much enforced by what JKR said on her official site:

Of course, none of this should be taken to mean that Neville does not have a significant part to play in the last two novels, or the fight against Voldemort.
Taking that into account, I expect Neville to play a relatively important part in DH, even if he's not off defeating Voldemort like Harry.

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