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Re: JKR's announcement on Ron/Hermione's relationship

Originally Posted by Chelsie View Post
Harry didn't get Hermione tortured... It didnt make sense why after learning of the name jinx the trio didn't just call LV "Tom". Or why they didn't disapperate or stun their would-be-captors.
The trio got so many things wrong in DH that it bordered incompetence.

For example, the trio should never have been in a situation where they had to camp out in different parts of the country. Harry wanted to leave immediately after reaching the Burrow. Where to though? Surely the first thing you think about when planning to be on your own is to think about stay. He had no plans at all.

Food should also never have been a problem given that they could do magic. Even something as simple as figuring out how to open the locket shouldn't have taken so much time. Parseltongue should have been an immediate thought given Voldemort's connection with snakes and their experience with the Chamber of Secrets.

It seems to me that Jo was forced to dumb down the trio in order to setup certain plot devices.

Personally, I would have had each of them have partners outside the trio circle.
Agreed though I don't really have an issue with how it worked out.

I didn't mind the idea of R/hr until HBP. And although JKR probably didn't mean to, Ron came across as someone with serious problems with female sexuality. I found the R/hr reconciliation in the book unsatisfactory.. rather than poisoning Ron, he should have been trying to fix things, realizing the best way to get her is to treat her better.
I don't know about this. Hermione was the one who reacted badly to Ron and Lavender. I know Ron was cold-shouldering Hermione before that but I think they could have sorted it out if Hermione didn't have an issue with him being with Lavender.

I also took issue with the whole 'Ron had to grow up for Hermione' because it just meant that Hermione had to put her love life on hold and not pursue other viable prospects. I like the idea of them dating several other people before coming together.
I took issue the other way. It read to me that Ron had to do things to be worthy of Hermione. I dislike this "reacher-settler" argument.

I think if they were brought together more organically instead of the meanspirited, borderline(actual?) abusive trainwreck of HBP the ship would have less opposition, imo.

I guess that I am not a fan of predestined couples in books or films because it doesn't take into account the characters development, interactions with other prospects and eachother. Its like they can treat each other inappropriately, or they can have chemistry with other prospects, but it won't matter because they are destined anyway.
Perhaps they had time to sort out their issues after DH. 19 years later, they had an 11 year old kid. We could assume that they'd been married for 13-14 years which leaves them 5-6 years before marriage to fix stuff.

Its one of the reasons I'm skeptical of them needing marriage counselling. If they had married immediately after DH, I can understand but after 5-6 years more? IMO if they couldn't fix things by then, I don't think their marriage could have worked out.

FYI, I don't think Ron is a bad guy, he does have some good qualities and he had potential, but his laziness, jealousy and self-pity wasn't attractive.. he sounded like a chore to be around at times. I mean, his friends shouldn't be made to feel guilty whenever something good happens for them or if they are writing to exes.
I don't think Ron was lazier than the average student. Harry was just as lazy.
I think his jealousy and self-pity would have vanished later in life after he found a career that he was happy with.

I suppose despite being really talented and creating an amazing universe, JKR has her weakness: She can't write romance. lol
Yep. Not her strong suit.

I know HP ISNT a romance series but thats all HBP seemed to be. Ithink it shoul have been placed firmly in the background.
Yes. I disliked that part of HBP and generally re-read the Harry-Dumbledore scenes.

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