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Re: Bleach: The Manga and Anime

I didn't find it anti-climatic merely because we get so many of those types of battles in Bleach where it is all-out pawnage from the start, then, "Plot-Kai"!!

Basically, Ichigo's already had the "I've become awesome and more powerful than the antagonist" in his battle with Grimmjow, Byakuya and, possibly, Ulquiorra!!

I actually liked the ingenius way that Kubo had the fight to finish!! I would have found it pretty unrealistic if Aizen, the person who had been kicking the hell out of everyone for the whole of the series and then, suddenly, he's awesome without any catch since, that has been done!! Kubo had a catch in using the technique that possibly could have explained how Isshin lost his powers as well and will move the plot along!!

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