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Re: Bleach: The Manga and Anime

Bleach is by far my favorite anime series. I enjoy it most in the original Japanese. I think the dubbed voices weren't that great. Especially Toshiro Hitsugaya... What makes it worse, is that most often they don't get the pronunciations right. And so, I watch it subbed. Moving on, I think that Bleach has the best opening and closing music. My favorite openings would have to be D-technolife, After Dark, and Chu-Bura. Favorite closings are Thank you (Arigatou), Hanabi, and Orange (Oranji).

Bleach is an amazing series with complex characters and an ever-thickening plot that draws me deeper and deeper with each episode. However, one thing I don't like about the anime is the filler series' that they put in. Honestly, the only one I liked was about Lurichiyo; which was the longest filler series, I think. Anyway, the only series that comes close to the awesomeness of Bleach, is InuYasha.

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