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Re: Should prostitution be made legal?

I think that Prostitution should be made legal here in the UK, because I think those women need a certain extent of protection, from abusers and frm STD's/Aids etc.

There have been many prostitutes killed here because mainly people here think it is immoral, degrading etc, but that may apply to some people, some folk don't have a chance in which profession they go for or they are desperate for the money for their children etc.

Also, I don't see why prostitutes should be able to make money (even if it's illegal) and not have to pay taxes and national insurance like the rest of us have to. (same can be said for other illegal business').

To conclude, I think it should be legalised, but purely to keep the people of Britain safe, prostitutes have a right to be protected and the right not to be abused by people that think they can because they think prostitutes are lower than them.


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