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Re: The NFL Football Thread v2

Let's predict some week 2 football, shall we?

Picks: 10-6
2011 overall: 10-6

Kansas City at Detroit

I'm taking Detroit. Kansas City looked absolutely atrocious, and Detroit wil go as far as Matthew Stafford's health will take them.

Oakland at Buffalo

Buffalo. I think the Raiders put on a lot weaker show than the win they got made it seem, and if Fitzpatrick can put on another show, the Raiders are in for a rough day.

Tampa Bay at Minnesota

Tampa Bay. I think the Buc's loss was more of a statement of a strong Lions team than a weak Tampa Bay team. Minnesota isn't going to perform with another performance like that from McNabb.

Chicago at New Orleans

New Orleans. The Saints put up good numbers against the Packers, and the Bears aren't as strong of a team. Look for Roman Harper to make Jay Cutler look better than he is.

Baltimore at Tennessee

Baltimore. Both of these teams experienced a rape in week 1. Tennessee was on the wrong end.

Cleveland at Indianapolis

Cleveland. The Colts looked absolutely atrocious on offense in week 1. Your QB can't put up at total QBR rating of 2.2 if you can't run the football.

Jacksonville at NY Jets

The Jets in a close one, although I would be estatic if I was wrong.

Seattle at Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh. The Steelers still have sore naughty bits from their raping last week, and who better to take it out on than the mediocre Seahawks?

Arizona at Washington

Arizona. The Redskins win was a weak Giants team, not a strong Washington team. I think Arizona will contend for their division.

Green Bay at Carolina

Green Bay. Cam Newton's not going to have a fantasy day against the Packer defense.

Dallas at San Francisco

Dallas. As tough as that was to choke out.. The Niners almost lost to the Seahawks, the Cowboys almost beat the Jets. No brainer unfortunately. Of course...Tony Romo will probably choke in the fourth.

San Diego at New England

The Patriots. I still can't believe Tom Brady put up 517 yards.

Houston at Miami

Houston. The Texans are going to be coming in hot after decimating their divisional rivals.

Cincinnati at Denver

Cincinnati. The Broncos looked like a team that had no idea what they were doing, and the Bengals stuck to their guns and fought all four quarters last week.

Philadelphia at Atlanta

Philadelphia. The Falcons will rebound, but this isn't the game to do it.

St. Louis at NY Giants

St. Louis. This still looks to be a very good Rams team, and I still can't believe the Giants lost to the Redskins.


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