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Re: The NFL Football Thread v2

My Week 2 picks

Week 1:8-8


I picks the Colts because its at Indy and Colts always plays weel at home, and the Browns aren't any good in my opinion. 13-10


I pick the Packers because Aaron Rodgers is so unstoppable and Carolina had problems against Kolb last week. 38-20


I pick the Ravens in a rout because the Ravens have the best defense,Tennesse had trouble scoring against Jacksonville. 35-3


I pick the Jets because the Jets have the defensie talent and Luke McCown will implode in the 3rd quarter. Also, MJD will be shut down. 24-6


I pick the Lions because KC had trouble stopping Ryan Fitzpatrick and Matthew Stafford will do even better against a horrible defense. 33-10


I pick the Bills because Raiders needed a 63 yard FG to help win and the Bills are at home,very confident.28-20


I pick the Steelers becaus they are angry over last week's debacle and Seattle has a hard time scoring. 34-9


This is a hard one I have to go with the Cardinals because they go a lot of offensive firepower and I believe last week's win for Washington was only because of 9-11. 30-20


I pick New Orleans because they have too much offense for the Bears. 27-24


Another very hard one but I have to go with the Bucs because McNabb isn't yet comfortable at this system. 20-17


I pick Dallas because SF can't score TD's and Ten Ginn can't do it evert week. 14-9


I pick Houston because Miami doesn't know how to cover TE's. Owen Daniels is going to have a career game. 34-23


I pick the Broncos because its at Denver, and Cincinnati doesn't know how to handle victory. 23-21


I obiviously pik the Patriots because of 2 words. Tom Brady. 41-30


I pick Philly because Michael Vick will do great in his return,Atlanta is in turmoil.20-7


I pick NYG because of one reason. No Steven Jackson. 24-17

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