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Re: Half-Blood Prince Movie Reviews v.2

Originally Posted by Helen_Caulfield View Post
One thing that struck me was that they used a different actor for Tom Riddle as they did in COS, this had me kind of confused.
I didn't like the film very much. I thought Dumbledore's performance was weak and I totally hated the way Lavender Brown was drooling over Ron.
I my humble opinion, the film could have been about 30 times better. A lot of the book was totally ignored and instead of the suspense and angst everyone expected the main theme seemed to be romance and humour.

Granted; I thought The Golden Trio and Snape were brilliant. So was Malfoy except for the scene in which he cried. I know fake crying is very difficult, but maybe they should have had him whimper a bit and cry soundlessly for the rest of the scene.
But this is what the majority of the book is about: romance and humor. All of the problems general audiences have with this film is because of the source material imo. HBP is my least favorite of the HP books. I just felt the series was building and building towards darker and more epic material with Gof and Ootp...only to get to HBP where it's all teen romance and humor.

In the long run of the series, I think it will pay for HBP to be so light-hearted because OOTP and DH1 and 2 will be so dark, you needed a lighter episode in the middle to balance it out a bit.

Though yeah, I do see how HBP is sort of an awkward episode in the saga. Voldemort is back and the world knows it...but here we are getting into teen politics.

Funnily enough, HBP as a film is my favorite yet but that has more to do with adaptation and the script and cinematography than the source material. I feel HBP is a film that manages to stay reasonably faithful to the story while still being cinematic at the same time.

So for HBP, I didn't like the book, but LOVED the movie, but when I first saw OOTP, I loved the book but hated the movie. I guess when you're not crazy about the book, you tend to be able to look past certain changes and things and see it specifically as a film. I'll probably be more critical of DH because it's my second favorite of the series behind OOTP, but with two films, I think they should get it fairly right.

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