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Re: David Thewlis as Remus Lupin

Originally Posted by sekhmetlion View Post
Totally agree! that's the point, he is serious, he is the good teacher, but you can still sense the marauder under, you feel like suddenly he is going to take his wand and start the action (fighting or wathever) that is what he does in the end.

And I am sorry, but David Thwelis looks nothing near the Lupin in my mind. I am not sure but I heard they were about to choose Ewan McGregor (for me he would have been perfect for the role) he would have had that air of "now I am here all serious and in a moment I am fighting to the end".
That's a really good shout out about Ewan McGregor! Were they really close or is it just a rumour? Ewan with David Thewlis's hair in that movie is how I pictured him, but having said that I really liked David Thewlis regardless. Nothing like I imagined but it doesn't deter anything away for me, after my first sadness that it's not who I pictured I instantly accept him as the on-screen Lupin I disagree on the seriousness part though, I think he captured the 'maruader underneath him' characteristic quite well especially in the scenes where you see him looking at Harry in that affectionate way that he did. He just radiates off the look of 'I've been round these parts many a time myself, and I know exactly what you do also and I'm proud of you '

Or that's how it came across for me at least

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